"You've managed to meld your extensive knowledge, delivered in an easy to understand manner, with the technology of a very well thought out and designed presentation, encompassing substantial third-party references for credibility. I recorded Ed Slott, the so-called IRA expert, on PBS a couple weeks ago. He has some good lines and stories and uses endless repetition to drive home his points, but compared to your fine tuned craftsmanship, he's like a barker at a circus."
Bill M.

"Thanks again for yesterday! Roy and I slept peacefully last night. After yesterday I'm reminded of our duty to leave an inheritance to our children; monetary and otherwise. How reassuring for us to look into our children's eyes knowing they will be financially secure. Whether or not our parents subscribe to MF or leverage, or whatever, I'm sure they are proud that we have done something better than they did."
Heidi & Roy A.

"We REALLY liked Robin and his approach. He did not recommend the "income club" investing that our guy had mentioned - he thought it was too risky. I think Steve's eyes are finally opened, and he is seeing that some of the things I have suggested for years are what we should have been doing. But better late than never! Guess it takes a man to tell a man what to do - ha!!!! So thank you so much for the opportunity to meet and I'm sure we will be going forward."
Steve and Lori

"It was a great session. It was nice to see you and Robin also. He is a very nice man..... Even nicer than he seemed when he was lecturing He did a great job with Ron. Ron came intending to be skeptical and pessimistic.... but Robin quickly turned him around and showed him the benefit of the PLAN. We will be interested to see how this all breaks down."

"There was absolutely no sales pressure ever. Thinking I had missed my opportunity earlier in life, I said, "why not" and was very surprised at the plan they suggested for me. Using their plan, I now feel that I have implemented a solid plan for my retirement. I believe that I have a workable plan to live out the remaining years of my life, using dormant equity in my home, to provide income after my 401K savings are depleted, to provide ample life insurance for my wife Carol and to pass a larger tax free inheritance onto my sons Mark and Wade. I am feeling much better about my retirement. Thank you so very much!"
Mike C.

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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck